78 Little Trick-or-Treaters Visit East Village Place

We had a total of 78 preschoolers from The Arbors Kids come trick-or-treating here on Halloween! The children eagerly roamed the halls going door-to-door as residents cheerfully passed out candy while sitting outside of their apartments. The event proved to be a wonderful inter-generational program; as the children and residents interacted, it produced smiles all around and an abundance of laughter! We had quite the collection of superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters, and more. The children brought great energy and everyone at East Village Place was so excited to host their Halloween field trip! One of our residents, Shirley, got in the spirit and dressed up in a spunky clown costume to hand out candy. Our Community Life Director, Diana, crafted an optical illusion baby costume which was a big hit among the preschoolers. They crowded around and curiously poked at the “baby” while giggling.

For several years, East Village has been very fortunate to have The Arbors Kids come to trick-or-treat. A warm thank you to Nicole and all of the caring staff at The Arbors who made this fun-filled visit run so smoothly. We look forward to having our petite friends come again next Halloween!


  1. Posted on 11/03/18 by Gloria Smith

    I have truly enjoyed looking at the photos of the Halloween Party. What a wonderful idea to have the preschoolers come and Trick or Treat!

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