Amazing Autumn Arrangements!

Our new Watermark University course, “Flower Arranging with Jess,” has proven to be a big hit! To celebrate the beginning of October, residents created gorgeous arrangements by incorporating flowers with warm tones reminiscent of Autumn’s harvest. Instead of traditional vases, we opted for a more “rustic” look by using Mason jars. The residents loved that we utilized artificial flowers, because now they will be able to enjoy their creations throughout the season! To add the finishing touch, each class participant chose a decorative ribbon to tie around the rim of their jar.

A special “thank you” to our course instructor, Jessica…We are starting to think she may be a long-lost relative of Martha Stewart! The ladies were proud to display their final product in their apartments, and are looking forward to channeling their creativity in the next flower arranging class. Whether the flowers are real or faux, you’re sure to come out feeling like a pro!

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