Another Successful Irish Variety Show by Bill Kelleher!

Way to go Bill! You did an outstanding job with this years show. It was amazing how you put this together and the outcome was spectacular. Your jokes were superb as usual and the laughs you received from the audience was priceless. The two young 15 year old girls who came to perform their Irish dances were phenomenal. They each did a solo soft toe Irish dance, and then each did a hard toe dance to Irish tunes. Both were outstanding! When they paired up to finish their last dance as a team, they were so wonderful and you could tell by the look on the dancers faces that they were so proud of themselves and were proud to dance for all of us. The room was packed like usual for Bill’s show. For the encore, Bill had an old friend by the name of Jack come in and sing Danny Boy, an Irish lullaby and “Who Put The Trousers In Mrs. Murphy Chowder”. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show and the applause at the end said it all. Good going Bill! We can’t wait to see what you have planned for next year.

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