Carving some Spunky Pumpkins!

We had a gourd ol’ time carving pumpkins this afternoon! Many residents shared that it brought back good memories of making jack-o-lanterns with their children as a yearly fall tradition. Once we carved an opening at the top of the pumpkin, we were astonished at just how many seeds were inside! Although several residents sported gloves, they weren’t afraid to dig in and get messy. Everyone had different tasks; some scooped out the interior, while others worked diligently to separate the seeds from the “pumpkin guts.” Others volunteered their artistic abilities to draw the faces on the pumpkins, which Community Life then carefully carved out for them. Shirley was very particular when it came to her pumpkin’s design, as she chose to make the pumpkin her twin! We even added glasses and joked that you couldn’t tell the difference between the two as she posed for a picture. Needless to say, she was very proud! Following our pumpkin carving session, we rinsed all of the seeds that the resident’s worked so hard to harvest. After adding melted butter and salt, we baked them in the oven and enjoyed the tasty pumpkin seeds as an afternoon snack. Make sure you check out our unique jack-o-lanterns outside the front entrance next time you visit East Village Place… before you know it, the pesky squirrels will be feasting away on our pumpkin buffet!

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