Category: Resident Spotlight

January 25, 2018

The Jazz Era with Jim Raynor

When Jim Raynor said he wanted give a class about the jazz era, we were excited. Jim prepared his script, picked his topics, selected his musicians, and described it like we were there in the room, listening to all the musicians songs and singers melody's. When he played Benny Goodman's song "Let's Dance," and other various singers […]

March 30, 2016

Easter Bunny Surprise!

No one would have ever imagined that an Easter Bunny would show up during a sing along on Easter afternoon. Residents Victor and Claire got a grand surprise when the Easter Bunny got right in the middle of them. What a delightful way to make someone's day. Thank you Diana Demers for coming in and making Easter amazing. […]

November 6, 2015

Variety Show a Huge Hit!

Do you know someone in your life that just wants to make people laugh, smile and just plain happy? Well this individual, Bill Kelleher, does all that and more. He loves to put his best foot forward and come up with different ideas that get other men involved in our community. So he created a variety […]

April 16, 2015

2015 Ms Massachusetts Senior America Pageant

An enthusiastic group of residents traveled to Holyoke to cheer on JoAnn McNaughton as she competed in the 2015 Ms Massachusetts Senior America Pageant. JoAnn is pictured with three residents at East Village Place—Dick Samolis, Bill Kelleher, and Bob McMahon—who visited the pageant to support JoAnn. Each contestant showcased their “signature walk” during the show […]