Celebrating Greek Culture with Bessie!

Residents had a wonderful time experiencing a new culture at the annual “Taste of Greece” festival. Held each year at Saint Luke’s Orthodox Church, the festival features an abundance of delicious Greek food & desserts, music, youth dancing groups, raffles, and a gift shop. While some of us were trying something new for the first time, there was one resident in the group that was no stranger to the culture. Bessie comes from a strong Greek heritage; she speaks the language and has even travelled to Greece! She was very excited to order the enormous lamb shank dinner and suggested we all try the sweet Baklava for dessert. While the rest of us poked around in the gift shop, Bessie went all out and purchased an authentic Greek fisherman’s hat. All of us were so grateful to have the opportunity to experience a new culture…As for Bessie the Greek goddess, she was in her glory!

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