Celebrating Our Veterans!

Today was a special day dedicated to all of our beloved Veterans who reside here at East Village Place. In recognition of Veteran’s Day, our morning program showcased video interviews of several of our residents who have served in various branches of the military, followed by staff reading poems honoring their courage and bravery. Each Veteran was awarded a personalized “Certificate of Appreciation” complete with their name and branch served, as well as a United States flag pin. The residents applauded after each Veteran was pinned and we listened to their stories and advice from their time serving in the military. Art Barstow even brought his jacket from when he served in the Air Force, which made for a wonderful discussion piece.

Later in the afternoon, residents, families, and staff congregated in the lobby for a spectacular live musical performance from the Agawam Melody Band! The five-piece band was dressed in formal attire, all sporting a red tie for the special occasion. They played a medley of lively Patriotic songs which everyone clapped and sang along to. At the end of the performance, the band played the Armed Service songs for each of the branches of the military. In a touching display, our Veterans stood and saluted during the song dedicated to their respective branch.

We would like to acknowledge each and every one of our Veterans that have made sacrifices for our country, as well as all of the Veterans in the community who have served.

Thank you for all that you have done, we salute you!

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