Celebrating the First Day of Spring at the Smith College Botanic Garden!

Spring has officially sprung, and there’s no better way to celebrate than a trip to the beautiful Botanic Gardens at Smith College! Residents accompanied Community Life on a fun-filled outing to Northampton, MA on the very first day of Spring.

Residents were in awe of the wide variety of colorful flowers & plants as we leisurely strolled through each of the greenhouses. We were astonished at the enormous size of the tulips as they appeared to be in full bloom. We also couldn’t believe that the greenhouses held over 6,500 different kinds of plants, and joked that there must be a lot of “green thumbs” working behind the scenes helping to keep everything so vibrant & healthy! “The mission of the Botanic Garden of Smith College is to foster education about the science, beauty, and importance of the plant kingdom through the use of outdoor and conservatory plant collections, gardens, displays, and exhibitions, and to preserve and maintain the historic Olmsted campus landscape.”

We all agreed we had never seen such a gorgeous array of colors! Some of the ladies had fun trying to guess what kind of flower they saw before reading the plant label.. Shirley even posed next to a citrus tree with a giant, ripe orange and pretended to take a bite right as we snapped her photo!

Thank you to Smith College for allowing us to come view their gardens and take in their breathtaking beauty!

To learn more about the Botanic Garden at Smith College, click here. It is free to visit and certainly worth taking a trip to see!

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