Cinco De Mayo Celebration!

We had a blast during our Cinco De Mayo luncheon. Residents enjoyed nachos topped with guacamole, Spanish rice and salsa as well as frozen margaritas while Mexican music filled the air. Everyone came prepared to join the festivities and really enjoyed themselves.

Throughout this month will be exploring Mexico during our Famous People Watermark University class. Attendees will travel back to the 16th century to learn about Hernán Cortés and his explorations. Residents will then have the opportunity to take a closer look at Mexican arts during our Arts & Entertainment class. Known for their music, pottery, weaving and silver work, the residents will get to experience Mexican culture with a special exhibit. Our Travel class will take us on a journey to several Mexican botanical gardens throughout Mexico City, San Miguel and Oaxaca as well as orchid gardens in San Miguel and Oaxaca. Our tour of Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of 63 National Parks. Loreto Bay National Marine Park will prove to be an exciting experience.

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