Creative Crafting: Homemade Cat Toys!

Community Life held a unique crafting class where residents were instructed on how to create homemade cat toys. Our big jar of catnip purchased during our most recent outing to the pet store sure did come in handy!

The most popular toy we made is a common household item that everyone owns…socks! We used brand new socks, however this would be a great DIY craft to repurpose those lonely socks that have forever lost their partner.

Using tall socks, we stuffed the interior with scraps of fabric until the foot part of the sock appeared to be full and plush. Next, we took a couple handfuls of catnip and carefully emptied it inside the sock. We made sure to fiddle our hand around inside to evenly disperse the catnip, which ensured the fabric filler was generously coated as well. After tying a knot in the sock, it was time to decorate!

Residents chose from a variety of yarn and ribbons; once they chose their color, they tied it to the toy and then tied feathers onto the ends of the string. We all know that cats love yarn and feathers!

We also made a super simple wand-like toy using pipe cleaners and feathers! Simply twist the pipe cleaners together leaving a centimeter of space at the end to insert the feathers before continuing to twist all the way… and, voila! You’ve got yourself a cheap “teaser wand” for your feline friend! We used colorful metallic pipe cleaners that can be eye-catching and alluring to the cats.

Although the residents had a great time crafting, what they really enjoyed was having a real, live kitten in the room during the project. As the official toy-tester, Luna pranced around the room and playfully swatted at the colorful feather toys, creating lots of laughter… we don’t know who enjoyed it more, the kitten or the residents!

The toys we made aren’t actually for Luna, despite her high approval rating. We are very excited to bring these homemade toys to the Dakin Animal Shelter on our next outing so that we can donate them to the less fortunate felines this holiday season.

These toys are fun for all ages to make and are the perfect craft for a rainy day… your cat will agree, too! Check out the pictures for a visual “how-to” if you’re interested in making them yourself.

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