East Village Place Recognizes Three Residents Who Are 99 Years Young

Community Life Director Dee Foster sat down with three wonderful women to ask them what their secret to staying young is. All three ladies turned 99 this year and gave her this advice:

Mary Link-Finn said, “A good diet, going to church, having a good sense of humor, and staying busy” keeps her young. And with her great sense of humor she went on to say, “Getting married twice makes you live even longer”.

Frances Jonaitis says she contributes many things to staying a young 99, including, “Eating well, keeping active, working hard, believing in your faith and also having a good sense of humor.” She also says, having had a wonderful husband and loving family by her side makes life easier too.

Mary Stachowicz says she contributes her thriving lifestyle to, “Having a good family, giving love and receiving love, working hard, having fun and always being yourself.” Mary’s devoted nephew Mike and his wonderful dog Bentley makes her life more fulfilling as well.

Having these women here inspires all of us to remember the best medicine is to stay young at heart. They are an inspiration to us all that aging can be a happy journey! Let us aspire to follow some of these words of wisdom to live a healthy, happy, long life and continue to always be YOUNG at heart.

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