East Village Place Rings in the New Year

The room was decorated, the party hats were put out, the noise makers were ready, the balloons were filled, the sparkling cider was chilling and the mini éclairs were waiting for the festivities to begin. At 6:30pm, Jack Dunham came in with his sparkling tuxedo suit and red sparkling bow tie and he was ready to let the show begin. He had the room singing all the old time songs, most of them the residents knew. Residents wore their party hats as they sung, smiled and laughed at a couple of his humorous jokes and some of the tales of his younger days that many could relate to. Usually the ball drops at midnight, but here at East Village Place, we made balloons fly at count down. When we hit one and yelled “Happy New Year,” the balloons raised to the occasion. It was a great beginning to a New Year. Happy New Year from all of us at East Village Place.

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