Fun & Games at the Springfield Museum’s “Toytopia” Exhibit!

The A-Team took our residents on an exciting field trip to the Springfield Museum! Our awesome Alyssa (community life), and amazing Annetta (naya), led the tour through the museum’s featured exhibit called “Toytopia.” The exhibit encourages museum-goers to take a trip down memory lane by exploring the immersive special exhibition which features popular toys from the past century.

We had the privilege and delight of seeing the world’s largest Etch A Sketch, measuring in at almost 8 feet tall! Along with their faithful tour guides, residents eagerly roamed through the museum admiring many classic toys that inspired reminiscing about their childhood as well as raising their own children. Several ladies were mesmerized by the life-size dollhouse, and were happy to point out all of the intricate details inside! An avid doll collector, Millie was absolutely in her glory during this part of the trip. She especially enjoyed interacting with the tiny children who were also visiting the museum!

As many of our residents are from the Western, MA area, we were all familiar with the popular games produced out of the infamous toy factory, Milton Bradley, which is coincidentally located right down the street from East Village Place! It’s safe to safe to say that everyone was familiar with the classic game called Monopoly. Residents were astonished to see a life-size Monopoly car and game board. We even got to snap a photo of Mildred in the toy car with Annetta!

Another favorite feature of the exhibit was the gigantic piano, similar to the one that Tom Hanks danced on in the hit 1988 film, Big. One of our residents, Cathy, was immediately drawn to the unique piano and gleefully performed a demonstration for the group as she stepped around on the keys eliciting a beautiful melody!

To say we had fun is an understatement. A big thank you to Alyssa and Annetta for chaperoning the trip and helping bring out the playful inner child in all of us!


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