Glamorous Gourds!

It’s been pumpkins galore here at East Village Place during the month of October! Residents and their families joined us for a fun afternoon painting petite sugar pumpkins. Some chose to give the pumpkins character by giving them a friendly smile, while others chose a solid color for something different! Those who painted their pumpkin a solid color used an all-natural sea sponge to add a textured layer of color. Many of the residents wanted to add some glamour to their pumpkins by covering them in silver or gold glitter, which proved to be very eye-catching! We joked that Audrey’s sparkly silver pumpkin looked like it was from outer space, and also shared laughs with Dorothy who by the end of the class had bright blue hands! Everyone had a wonderful time channeling their inner Picasso while painting pumpkins, as each one came out beautiful & unique. Look out for more fun fall festivities throughout the month of October!

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