“Growing Up in the 1930’s,” with Frank Quitadamo

If you missed Frank Quitadamo class today you missed an opportunity to learn so much valuable information about,”Growing Up in The 1930’s”. He started his class by going over his early childhood. Frank was raised in Worchester and attended the Roosevelt School where he played a lot of pranks on his first grade teacher. Frank talked about The Great Depression involving past president Herbert Hoover, the crash of the banks and the soup lines. He also spoke about Franklin Roosevelt and “The New Deal” he used to pull us out of the Depression. He also taught us that Roosevelt used radio to campaign, marking the first time in American History that has happened. Everyday life was a hot topic amongst the attendees and we fondly reminisced different daily life topics including trolley cars, homelessness, jobs, kitchens, washing machines, and childhood games like scrabble, tidily winks, and marbles. He ended his presentation by discussing the Great Hurricane of 1936 and when the Hindenburg went on a New England tour and the travesty of its explosion. East Village Place wants to give a special thank you to Frank for all the hard work he put into this class and our community.

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