Iron Chef Competition

Each Watermark University semester associates and residents rack their brains to come up with new fun and enriching classes to add to the daily schedule. Jeff Ross, Dining Service Director and Executive Chef, has taken The Watermark principle “Come from Abundance” and has gone above and beyond in creating an exciting and interactive program for the residents of East Village Place.

Our new Iron Chef Competition has the kitchen’s three chefs, Maddie, Don and Tommy, competing to create extraordinary meals. During the competition residents are seated in the dining room watching the chefs, on the big screen, bustle about the kitchen as Jeff Ross takes video of all of the action. After half an hour of prep time the meals are plated and the judging panel is brought into the dining room to taste and score each dish individually. The panel is compiled of two residents and two associates, eager to participate. After all of the judging is complete the audience is able to taste test each of the dishes as well.

Each month’s winning dish is added to the regular menu rotation. Although there is only one true winner, everyone involved has a great time participating. The Iron Chef program is not only exciting but it is also incredibly delicious. All of East Village Place would like to thank Jeff Ross and the participating chefs Maddie Meade, Don Higby and Tommy Sacco for creating and implementing such an exciting Watermark University course. Jeff’s ability to think outside of the box to involve residents in selecting new menu items is outstanding!

All of the planning and hard work that goes into putting on such a superb activity has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for putting your all into everything you do!

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