Jack-o-Lantern Fun with Mason Jars!

Residents got into the spirit of October by creating these fun little jack-o-lanterns made out of Mason jars. This simple craft uses tissue paper, mod podge, and a bit of patience! Residents coated their jar in a generous layer of the mod podge and then carefully wrapped orange tissue paper around its entirety. A few moments later, we brushed a thin layer of the adhesive around the tissue paper in order to seal it. After adding the pieces of the face and another sealing layer, we patiently waited for the adhesive to dry and reach the desired glossy effect. To add some character to our pumpkins, we wove green pipe cleaners around the lid and gave them a spunky little curl. The finishing touch was placing a safe, battery-operated LED tea light inside of the jar. The lanterns were quite a success and the residents were excited to decorate their apartments with the soft, illuminating glow of this friendly-faced pumpkin!

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