Lions, Tigers and… Clowns!

The Melha Shrine Circus is back in town, and we were invited to attend again this year! Dee Foster, our Community Life Director, received 178 complimentary tickets from The Melha Shriners so that friends, family, staff and residents could be a kid for a day enjoying the sites, sounds (and dare we say smells) of the circus. On May 5th, Dee along with her assistant, niece, nephew and 6 residents made their way to the circus. It was the most fun we have all had in a long time. The show was phenomenal, clowns aplenty, and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

After the circus, our fun didn’t end there. We were off to Friendly’s where we enjoyed a fantastic supper and even had room for dessert. We sang songs all the way home and one the residents said “I could ride around all night and sing songs”. None of us wanted the night to end. We enjoyed an extraordinary night and can’t wait to go again next year!

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