Louise Noel’s Dance & Gymnastics a Huge Hit at East Village Place

Louise Noel’s Dance & Gymnastics has been providing dance and gymnastic programs for over 40 years. When Louise called Dee Foster, Community Life Director, and asked if she and her students could come and put on a recital on a Sunday afternoon, she was totally ecstatic. Remembering the days when her own daughter did Jazz, ballet and had 11 years of recitals they attended, she was so thrilled to have East Village residents be able to have the opportunity to have a dance recital come to them. These young women where just wonderful and an inspiration to young and old, to provide a tradition of excellence in Dance and Gymnastics brought back many fond memories, not only Dee, but for some of the residents who’s children and grandchildren may of also done dance.The program consisted of Intro-Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop. The girls ranged from 6 years old to 18 years old. When they were all done their recital, we had one of our own residents’, Jim Raynor who taught at Fred Astaire come up and do some funky moves with them. They even had all the audience members sitting in their seats participating. It was so much fun! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and we didn’t even have to leave the building. A special thank you Louise and her team for an awesome day, we look forward to many more to come in the future.

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