Lullabies for Luna!

This video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Watch as our residents sing a classic lullaby to Luna, our tiny therapy kitten. Luna has stolen the hearts of residents, staff, and family visitors since she made her debut here at East Village Place last week. The residents love to cradle her in blankets like an infant while they admire how precious and petite she is. This video clip was caught on film by Diana, our Community Life Director, and it is truly heartwarming. Lily had been cradling Luna during our afternoon program, and when it was finished she began to sing to her. You can see just how calm the kitten is as she lovingly looks up at Lily. Shirley and Yvonne joined in on the chorus which completed this touching moment. Luna continues to brighten each day for our residents, and we hope by sharing this video it will brighten your day, too!

Lullabies for Luna
Resident Lily of East Village Place Sings Soothing Lullabies for Therapy Kitten, Luna


  1. Posted on 11/10/18 by Gloria L Smith

    This is so sweet! what a wonderful idea to bring this little kitten to receive so much love.

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