Resident Surprises Granddaughter at Hot Tables Restaurant Outing

It was an extra special lunch outing this month because we were not only looking forward to eating out at a new restaurant, but we had plans to surprise one of our residents granddaughters, the owner of the particular restaurant. It was a beautiful day, perfect for a lunch outing to Hot Tables. None of us had ever eaten there before, but we knew Lilly, one of East Village Place’s residents, had worked at the other Hot Tables years ago as the greeter. Lilly wanted to go to the new one in Connecticut because she knew her granddaughter was there most of the time. When the restaurant staff saw the van pull up they went into the back and told Lilly’s granddaughter “you better come out here, we have a bus load.” To her surprise, it was East Village Place residents walking in the door. Lilly’s granddaughter was so surprised to see her grandmother and Lilly was so happy to have had surprised her. It was a wonderful luncheon!

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