Trip to A.W. Brown’s Pet & Garden Store

Our Place residents enjoyed a fun field trip to a local pet store! Our Community Life Director brought residents to A.W. Brown’s Pet & Garden store, which was her first job during high school. Diana gave residents a tour of the pet room and told funny stories about animal encounters during her time working at Brown’s. Residents got to pet a small lion head rabbit and observe its furry friends that were frolicking about in the bunny enclosure. Shirley was brave enough to stand and admire the reptile wall, housing many cold-blooded critters such as bearded dragons, lizards, and even snakes! Several residents were drawn to a gigantic bird cage with over a dozen beautiful bright yellow canaries that were chirping harmoniously. We were all mesmerized by the endless walls of tanks filled with quite the colorful array of fish! Audrey was delighted to see a small dog sporting a hand knit sweater shopping in the store with its human mother.

Before leaving, we purchased a big jar of catnip that we will be using to make homemade cat toys to donate to the Dakin Animal Shelter later this week.. Stay tuned to see our kitty craft results!

A special thank you to A.W. Brown’s for having us come and visit your furry friends!

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  1. Posted on 11/21/18 by Mrs Smith

    My comment would have to be how blessed these wonderful people are to have you in their
    Some people go to work every day to get a paycheck at the end of the week. Not you.
    You truly love each and everyone of your elderly friends. It shows in you and them.

    • Posted on 11/21/18 by Diana Demers

      Hi there, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the touching comment you posted. Reading it brought tears to my eyes! Ironically enough, I was talking to a friend earlier today about how grateful I am to have a job that doesn’t feel like “work.” I feel as though my interactions with the residents are so fulfilling; it makes me genuinely happy to know that they are happy, especially if I’m able to influence that happiness. You’re right, I truly do love each and every one of the residents here as if they are my own family, and I’m so grateful to have become a part of their lives. It means the absolute world to me that you took the time out of your day to write such a kind message & recognize me for what I do- it brightened my day and I can’t thank you enough! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      With gratitude,
      Diana Demers
      Community Life Director at EVP

  2. Posted on 11/29/18 by Gloria Smith

    These photos are wonderful. it’s easy to see how much joy everyone is getting from being around the pets.

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